Jacinta is a communications and campaigns specialist, with experience in media, politics and social policy in the UK and Argentina. 

Facilitating connections to help make the world a better place is what she enjoys the most and that’s why before MMMM she worked on Crossing Divides, the BBC’s social impact campaign, bringing people together to have conversations on the most divisive topics in the world. Before that, she was a special advisor to the Mayor of Buenos Aires on communications and strategy. 

In her spare time, she promotes collaboration between the cities of London and Buenos Aires. She also helps channel funds and talent into various charity projects supporting convicts, women at risk, and those experiencing homelessness across London. 

Jacinta wants to retire into a world where we don’t wear masks and self-isolation is a distant memory – and where she has a radio programme with her friends, who will live very close by to demystify loneliness in older age.