Tiphaine is a storyteller & creative with a background in social science, literature and film. She loves telling stories that inspire people to challenge the status quo, and give them hope – as an optimist she truly believes that humans are resilient and that we have what it takes to tackle the climate crisis if we all come together.

Before joining MMMM, she worked as a freelance creative and then on the sustainability team at PANGAIA. She was in charge of building long term partnerships with grassroots environmental and social NGOs, worked on PANGAIA’s presence at global events such as COP26 and produced #Changemakers, a digital series bringing together global opinion leaders to raise awareness of socio-political issues.

In her free time, Tiphaine loves to get lost in a book, practice rocket yoga, and wild swim (all year round after discovering the benefits of cold swimming!) – she also enjoys connecting with nature and finds peace of mind through hiking, skiing and surfing.