Act now: Question your pension

There’s £3 trillion in UK pensions, and that’s YOUR money. Follow our 10-step guide to getting a pension to be proud of.

1. Not quite sure what a pension is? you’re not alone!

We get it, pensions can be confusing and hard to get your head round. Don’t worry about it. Here’s a helpful guide from our friends at Money Saving Expert on how pensions work, why they’re so important, and how to get started on your pensions journey. And if you want to find out whether your pension is already green, Good With Moneycan help with that.

2. Don’t know who your provider is? No problem!

Ok, so you know what a pension is and why it’s so important, but… like lots of us, you have no idea who your provider is?? No bother – use this handy government service to find out who’s looking after your money. And if that doesn’t work, you can ask your employer


Having a green pension is 21x more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than stopping flying, going veggie and switching to a green energy supplier. Make sure your pension fund knows this, and that you want a pension you can be proud of. Take the 21x Challenge and find out what your fund is doing to help build a better future.


Many pensions are run through workplace schemes, organised by your employer. You can tell your boss you want a pension to be proud of. After all – what’s the point in your company having the best sustainability record going, but having all that work undone by their pension? Here’s a handy letter you can send them today.

Email employer

Dear employer

I’m getting in touch about my workplace pension. I’d like to know what impact our pension investments are having, and if that impact is aligned with our organisation’s values?

Through our pension fund we could be investing in things like fast fashion, deforestation, and tobacco. I think it’s important we find out if this is the case.

Can you tell me where our workplace pensions are invested and what they’re doing for the world? And could you let me know what alternative options might be available to us to make sure our pensions are helping create a world we want to retire in to?

If you’d like to find out more about how we could have this conversation please visit Make My Money Matter.

I appreciate your support and hope this conversation will lead to our organisation having a pension we can all be proud of.

Thank you

Use this template in my email


If you have a SIPP, you’ll likely have even more control over where your money’s going. So, contact your financial advisor or log in to your SIPP platform, ask where your money’s invested, check the sustainability ratings and see what options you have for making your money matter. Need more help? Good With Money has a guide which outlines the top-rated funds that could go in to a SIPP. 

6. Fixed your pension and want a green bank too?

Just like our pensions, the money in our bank account is important too. Check out this guide to ethical banks, or use this tool from SwitchIt to find out if your hard-earned savings are fuelling the climate emergency, and most importantly – what you can do about it. 

7. Ready to get into the detail? Smart move.

If you want to learn more about how to invest your money sustainably, and hear about some of the greenest pensions out there, check out this Guide from Good With Money on the top ethical pension funds of 2022. Still want more!? Then here are some helpful reports from The TimesThe Big Issue, and Which? on the exciting world of green pensions, and more info on sustainable investing from our friends at My Fair Money.  

8. sounds great, but worried about returns? No sweat.

We’re not financial advisors – and sure, there are no guarantees in life – but the old stereotype that investing green means sacrificing returns just doesn’t stand. Research from Morningstar shows how sustainable funds have, on average, matched or outperformed non-sustainable investments over the past decade, while the raft of net zero commitments from leading pension funds shows your money can build a healthy planet, and secure healthy returns.

9. Now the fun bit – our explainers

We try to make pensions, fun, interesting, relevant and yeah, occasionally, a bit sexy. Why not – they’re worth £3 trillion after all! Just imagine what kind of world that could build if we all made our money matter. And if you don’t believe us, listen to Aisling Bea, Jason Isaacs and Martin Freeman explain more.

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Our planet is unravelling, and our pensions are having a huge impact. Help save the Woolly Man, AKA Martin Freeman, by making sure you have a pension you can be proud of!