Our pensions are powerful. Every year, hundreds of climate votes happen at company AGMs. When your pension is invested in that company, it gives them a say on these votes. That’s why we’re encouraging all pension funds to vote in favour of urgent climate action at the companies they invest in; backing up their climate commitments with real action.

A quick explainer

1. What’s an AGM?

Each year, most companies hold Annual General Meetings between April and June. Big decisions are proposed and voted on, which shape how the company acts, for example on how they plan to address climate change.

2. What’s The link to my pension?

Your pension is invested on your behalf, often in these large companies. This means that your pension fund gets to vote on these decisions, and can be a powerful voice for change

3. How can I take action?

First, share our video so everyone knows the power of pensions! You can also contact your pension fund using the template email below and tell them to vote in favour of critical climate action

What’s your pension invested in?

votes to watch in 2022

Here are three key climate votes to keep an eye on this AGM season; including at fossil fuel companies and the banks that fund them

ExxonMobil’s Climate Targets

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has stated that, for the world to meet it’s climate targets, no new fossil fuel expansion can be allowed. While lots of companies have taken steps to reduce their use of fossil fuels, many believe ExxonMobil is falling behind. That’s why investors should support resolutions to improve Exxon’s climate targets.

Barclays’ Climate Plan

After pressure from activists, Barclays has brought forward a climate plan to be voted on at its AGM. Unfortunately, it’s seen by many to be insufficient to tackle the climate emergency. You can see the result of the votehere.



Right now, Amazon has a range of climate targets for its business. But, like many other companies, it’s forgotten about its pension, meaning its investments are undermining its actions. We’re calling on Amazon to back As You Sow’s resolution that commits their pension fund to going green.

Want to send your pension fund an email?

Use our template below

Dear Pension Fund,

Every year, a variety of climate votes are held at AGMs around the world.

As a member of your fund, I want to know how you are engaging with these votes, and whether you’re using your power to ensure climate action. Are you voting in a way that is consistent with the Paris Agreement and any Net Zero targets you have set? If not, why?

I want my pension to help build a better world – and a key part of that is voting powerfully for key climate resolutions at company AGMs. Please let me know how you are engaging on this critical issue, and ensuring my money is helping tackle the climate emergency, not fuelling it.

Kind regards,

for more information on AGM Activism

Want to get more involved with AGM activism? Check out the organisations below for more


ShareAction campaigns for the global investment system to take responsibility for its impacts on people and planet, and use its power to create a green, fair, healthy society.


Tulipshare is an activist investment platform that empowers retail investors to invest their money to promote ethical change. 

aS yOU sOW

As You Sow are one of the world’s leading shareholder activism organisations. They promote environmental and social responsibility through shareholder advocacy.