We believe all pension funds should invest for a future their members want to retire into. A future on a viable planet, inhabited by a flourishing society. But unfortunately, that’s not where we’re heading. So it’s up to government and industry to help drive this transition, through better investments, and by using our pension power to ensure companies transition to more sustainable practice.

Through government and industry leadership, we can make sure the £2.7 trillion invested by UK pensions reflects the views of the people that money belongs to. That our investments support a fair transition to a zero-carbon world. That our money is invested in creating healthy societies and healthy economies. Most of all, that it builds a better planet for us all. That’s how we can make money matter.

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All pension funds must tell savers how their money is invested, and what that means for people and planet. Pension funds must ask savers what’s important to them about how their money is invested, and explain how they’re taking these views into account


All pension funds must be clear about how they’re taking environmental, social, and governance risks into account – especially climate risk. They must set out real plans to increase the positive impact their investments have for people and planet


All pension funds must ensure their portfolios are consistent with the Paris Agreement, including at least halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050