THanks for signing the pledge

Here are 5 steps to make sure your money Builds a better world

1. Educate yourself

So you want to green your money? Great!

First up – find out more on what options you have. There are some brilliant pensions out there which are building a healthy planet as well as healthy returns. 

Check out this guide from Which? on ‘How Your Pension Can Save the Planet’, and have a look at Good With Money’s ‘Top 6 Ethical Pensions for 2021’ for tips on the greenest pensions

2. Find out where your pension is invested

We believe it’s our right to know where our pensions are invested – it’s our money after all! If you, like most, are uncomfortable with the idea that you could be funding fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco, it’s time to call your provider and ask where your money is invested. If you’re not happy with the answer – see what other options they have which are better for the planet

3. Ask your provider to go green

A critical step in this journey is making sure ALL pensions commit to Net Zero targets.

This means they’re cutting emissions, stopping funding the worst polluters, and investing in businesses that tackle the climate crisis. Many – including Aviva and Nest – have joined us and committed to these goals, but millions more are stuck investing in the dying industries of the past. That’s why it’s so important you take our Net Zero Hero action and tell your provider to go green!

4. Green your bank too

It’s not just pensions that are important; we think all money should matter. That’s why you should find out how your bank is investing your hard-earned savings too. This brilliant tool from our friends at SwitchIt lets you see if your bank is funding the climate crisis, then helps you switch to a provider you can be proud of

5. Shout about it

In the UK, we’re terrified about money. In fact, we’re 7 times more likely to tell a stranger how many sexual partners we’ve had than share our salary. But we want this to change so the £2.6 trillion in our pensions transforms the world.

This will only happen when people like you start talking about the power of pensions. So share our campaign here and let your friends and family know the great progress you’re making in greening your money.

About the campaign

Make My Money Matter and Count Us In have joined forces to launch the “Green Your Pension” campaign – an exciting new movement to encourage people and businesses to find a pension they can be proud of, and ensure the trillions of pounds in our pensions builds a better world.