Green Pensions Pledge

Because if you’re going green,

your pension should too

Why sign the pledge?

Our pensions are powerful. Use that power to change the world.

Green Pensions Pledge

The decisions we make about our money are more powerful than we think. In fact, greening your pension is more effective at cutting your carbon than stopping flying, eating less meat or buying an electric car. So join our campaign, and pledge to green your pension today. Because if you’re going green, your pension should too.

How could your pension be invested?

There’s £2.6 trillion invested in UK pensions. Much of it funds harmful industries like fossil fuels, tobacco, and arms. We’re here to make sure it does better. After all, what’s the point in retiring in a world on fire?

Our pension money is also doing brilliant things – building wind farms, curing disease, making homes and driving innovation. We can demand that much more of our investments do this.

“Put your money where you want the world to go. It’s as simple and as powerful as that”

Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary UNFCCC

More steps you can take

We’re creating a world where everyone can be proud of their pension, and we all have a role to play

About the campaign

Make My Money Matter and Count Us In have joined forces to launch the “Green Your Pension” campaign – an exciting new movement to encourage people and businesses to find a pension they can be proud of, and ensure the trillions of pounds in our pensions helps build a better world.