Question your pension

It’s your money – ask where it is going.

1. Ask Your Employer

Chances are, your employer doesn’t know the impact your company pension has, or that you care about it. It’s time to change that – ask them where your money’s going and what it’s invested in.

We’ve written an email you can send to your HR or Finance department asking about your company pension. Let’s question our pensions! 

Ask your employer

Dear employer, 

I’m getting in touch about my workplace pension. I’d like to know what impact our pension investments are having, and if that impact is aligned with our organisation’s values? 

Did you know that that through our pension fund we could be investing in things like fast fashion, deforestation, and tobacco? I think it’s important we find out if this is the case. 

For example, Make My Money Matter have discovered that £2 in every £10 of pension investments could be in companies that cause deforestation – our organisation could be contributing to this. 

Would you be able to  tell me where our workplace pensions are invested and what they’re doing for the world? And could you let me know what alternative options might be available to us to make sure our pensions are helping create a world we want to retire in to? 

If you’d like to find out more about how we could have this conversation, please visit Make My Money Matter and check out their Green Pensions Guide. 

And if our organisation is already on track to be net zero (via our pension provider’s commitments, for example) it’d be great to showcase this by signing up to Make My Money Matter’s Green Pensions Charter

I appreciate your support and hope this conversation will lead to our organisation having a pension that turbocharges out sustainable efforts, not undermines them.  

Thank you, 

Use this template in my email

2. Find out more

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