We get it: you want to protect what you love from the effects of #climatechange, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start 🤔

Our tip: listen to @scarcurtis and put your money where your heart is 💚

👉 sign our green pensions pledge today http://makemymoneymatter.co.uk/green-your-pension

@MMMoneyMatter @CountUsInSOCIAL Signed up and money moved to Impact investments. Lobbied my provider, and now my advisor has moved all his investments to impact investing. 💥 💥 💥 🌲 🌲 🌎

If you’re going green, your money should too 💰 - and it's so easy to make this happen!

1️⃣ Find out where your pension money is being invested 🤷
2️⃣ Sign our green pension pledge ✍️ with @CountUsInSOCIAL: http://makemymoneymatter.co.uk/green-your-pension
3️⃣ Shout out about it 📣

In the UK, £2.6 trillion is invested in pensions that could be building a future we all want to retire into...instead this is happening 👇

But you have pension power 🦸 💪

Sign our pledge ✍️ with @CountUsInSOCIAL and use that power for good 💰🌱


Your #pension could be funding tobacco 🚬, climate change 🥵 and #deforestation 🌳🪓. But YOU can put a stop to this!

Start by signing our green pensions pledge with @CountUsInSOCIAL ✍️

Because if you’re going green, your money should too ⤵️


Our polling shows that 80% of people have never considered that their #pension contributes to #climatechange 🔥

Help us spread the word: greening your pension is one of the most powerful things you can do to tackle the #ClimateCrisis ✊

Millions would green their #pension if given the chance 🙋🏿🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

Our movement is growing - in the last year we've helped move over £400bn of pensions into #NetZero pots 💪

But we still have a long way to go. Tell your provider you want a green pension ⤵️


Does your #pension match your values?

Is it invested in 🚬 and 🛢️? Or 🔬 and 🌲?

If you're going green, make sure your money does too 💷

“It’s crazy that our banks and our #pensions are invested in fossil fuels, when these are the very things that are jeopardising the future we are saving for“ 🙌

Happy birthday to #DavidAttenborough, who is 95 today! 🥳 🎂

@netflix @wwf_uk #SilverbackFilms #ALifeOnOurPlanet

Great to see @CFigueres, @topnigel and @amandamack6 joining our friend @MMMoneyMatter in signing an open letter calling on organisations to make their #pensions #NetZero 👏 https://twitter.com/MMMoneyMatter/status/1389889552169451522

Twitter feed video.Great to see @CFigueres, @topnigel and @amandamack6 joining our friend @MMMoneyMatter in signing an open letter calling on organisations to make their #pensions #NetZero 👏 https://t.co/lNo03J2bzA
Make My Money Matter@MMMoneyMatter

“Why is it that a company working hard to achieve #NetZero in their operations continues to invest millions into a #pension which does the opposite?” 🤔

Our open letter to organisations from @CFigueres, @topnigel, @amandamack6 and Richard Curtis ⤵️


This June we’re delighted to be hosting the world’s first Net Zero Pension Summit.

Chaired by @MarkJCarney - and featuring leaders from the financial world - hear how we can ensure the $50 trillion in global #pensions helps fight climate change.

Sign up👉https://hopin.com/events/net-zero-pension-summit

It's vital that organisations make sure their #pensions match their values 🔬🌍

Right now, too many are investing in tobacco, oil & deforestation 🚬🛢️🪓

Make sure your business is on the right side of history. Sign our green pensions charter ⤵️


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