Ukraine and pensions

Make sure your money isn’t contributing to the crisis

Our view

Our campaign was set up to help people understand more about the power of their pensions, and provide them with more voice and choice in how that money is invested.

Right now, some of our pensions are invested in Russian companies and Russian government debt. With the invasion of Ukraine, we believe this is wrong – both morally and financially.

Leading pension schemes agree. We’ve already seen funds such as Nest, The Church of England, and Legal and General take steps to assess and reduce their exposure to Russia. We believe others should follow suit.

The moral reasons go without saying. But action also protects our money, because any UK pension invested in Russia is more at risk than ever.

While we know this is a complicated and evolving space, we believe it’s critical for UK savers to understand how their money may be invested, and for pension funds to take urgent action.

That’s why we’re encouraging all pension funds to follow the leadership shown by Nest and others by urgently assessing their exposure to Russian investments, and divesting where possible. In doing so, funds can send a powerful signal, while helping protect UK savers’ investments.

Help us ensure all funds act on Ukraine by contacting your pension provider today.

EMail your pension Fund

Your pension fund could be investing your money in Russia.

Contact your provider to find out what steps they are taking to protect your pension, and ensure your money is not contributing to the conflict in Ukraine.

Case study – NEST

Nest are one of the biggest pension funds in the UK, with over 10 million members from across the country.

In responses to the invasion of Ukraine, Nest announced that Russia is a ‘no go area’ for the fund, confirming they will divest all their holdings in Russian government bonds and businesses as soon as possible.

We’re now seeing more pension providers taking similar steps. We urgently need all funds to assess and reduce their exposure to Russia.

What else can you do?

Donate money

Many Ukrainian citizens have had to flee their country and are in urgent need of support. The Disasters Emergency Committee are helping – donate to their Ukraine appeal here.

Donate your time

Many countries in Europe are expecting to accept Ukrainian refugees, including the UK. Volunteer with the Refugee Council to help welcome them.


You can also show solidarity with Ukrainian citizens by joining a protest in your local area. We’ve found a list of ‘Peace Protest’ locations here.