For every £10 you put in your pension, £2 is linked to deforestation

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Help tackle deforestation – contact your pension fund

Your pension is powerful, but right now it’s likely contributing to deforestation. Use our tool below to contact your pension fund and tell them that you want your money building a better world!

£300bn in UK pensions linked to deforestation

If your pension funds deforestation, then you do too. But you can stop this – make sure your money is helping restore nature, not destroying it.

Our report

How your pension is impacting our natural world

Our ground-breaking research – undertaken in partnership with SYSTEMIQ and Global Canopy – shows for the first time the full scale of ties between our pensions and global deforestation.

The research shows that from timber to tobacco, mining to manufacturing, our pensions are propping up the very businesses responsible for chopping down 10 million hectares of forests each year.

For an average pension holder, that means two pounds in every ten of YOUR money is linked to environmental devastation around the world.

As well as harming the planet and the people who live on it, investing in deforestation can harm your pensions, too. So take action today, and cut deforestation from your pension.

"You have power to help save the forests. The power to help protect Mother Earth, and the protect the lives of all who live on the planet"

Sônia Guajajara, prominent Indigenous leader in Brazil, and Executive Coordinator of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib)

Cut deforestation from your pension, today.