We demand that when our money is invested, it helps to build a better world. Join us.
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Ever wondered what your money gets up to
when you’re not looking?
Make My Money Matter is a public-driven campaign calling on the finance industry to make our money build a better world while it grows.
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Pension environments
We’re launching in 2020 when we’ll be doing three things:
Helping people understand where their money — especially their pension money — is invested.

Helping them take action to demand that their money’s building a better world.

Working with the finance industry to meet this demand and use our investments to End Extreme Poverty, Tackle Inequality and Defeat Climate Change.
Call to action
Read Our Official
Call to ActionRead our Official Call to Action
Launch 2020.
End Extreme Poverty / Tackle Inequality and Injustice / Defeat Climate Change by 2030.
Global goalsTrillions at work
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Make My Money Matter partners
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Jo Corlett (former DFID special adviser), Richard Curtis (UN Advocate for the SDGs), Jamie Drummond (Co-founder ONE Campaign & DATA.org, Global Strategist for Drop the Debt), Vincent Franklin, Simon Grover and Caroline Hopper (Quietroom), Michele Giddens (Bridges Fund Management and former Chair of the UK National Advisory Board on Impact Investing), David Hayman (ONE campaign), Catherine Howarth and team (ShareAction), Rebecca Jones (New Money and former Editor of Good With Money), Amanda Rendle (Keep Britain Tidy & former global head of BtB marketing HSBC), and Laurie Spengler (impact investment banker, board member, industry contributor).

We have been talking to sustainable finance companies and campaigns including ShareAction, the Big Exchange, and the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association as well as development, climate and environmental NGOs, Foundations and campaigners. We talk to people within the financial industry, including impact investors, to help shape our work, as well as government, UN agencies and academia.