Key signatories include IKEA, Octopus Group, EY, Brewdog, BAFTA, WWF, TED, Oxfam, Save The Children, UN Global Compact UK and more, all calling for a net zero pensions industry

  • 50 companies have pledged to join the campaign and ensure their pensions are invested more sustainably. 
  • Launch will see major brands and organisations such as IKEA, EY, Octopus Group, UN Global Compact UK and Oxfam use the power of their pensions of their pensions to take concrete action on climate change.  
  • The Green Pensions Charter shows growing corporate demand for more sustainable pensions and puts pressure on pension providers to commit to net zero emissions ahead of COP26 in Glasgow this year. 
  • Launch supports growing consumer demand for sustainable pension investment as research from Make My Money Matter reveals that 44% of UK pension holders would switch to a green pension if offered one.  

May 2020, London – Make My Money Matter, a people-powered campaign founded by acclaimed filmmaker Richard Curtis, and Count Us In, a growing global movement of people, organizations and platforms taking practical action on climate change, today announced the launch of their Green Pensions Charter

The charter will see major brands and organisations such as IKEA, EY, Octopus Group, Brewdog, TED, WWF, Oxfam and more work with their pension provider or Trustees to secure a green pension and support the growing call for all providers to commit to net zero emissions targets in the lead up to COP26. 

Among the current signatories are 17 BCORPs – companies who have already pledged to act sustainably throughout their operations. Also included is professional football team, Forest Green Rovers, who will go one step further by ensuring that their pension does not invest in industries that harm our planet. 

With 50 organisations already signed up – and support from major climate voices such as Christiana Figueres and Nigel Topping – Make My Money Matter and Count Us In are asking all businesses across the UK to sign up to the Green Pensions Charter and harness the hidden superpower of their company pension schemes in the fight against climate change. 

Richard Curtis, Co-Founder of Make My Money Matter said: 

“The launch of the world’s first Green Pensions Charter brings together a pioneering mix of brands, organisations and even football teams all of whom have one thing in common – a commitment to make their money matter. 

“This charter supports the growing demand across society for pensions we can be proud of, and acts as a critical reminder to the industry that the £2.6 trillion circulating in UK pension schemes must be invested in ways which build a healthy planet, as well as deliver healthy returns.  

“With a UK hosted COP26 on the horizon, we hope our charter encourages companies to follow in the footsteps of IKEA, EY and Octopus Group to green their pensions, and show the pensions industry that their customers want them to take serious action on the climate crisis.” 

Eric Levine, Leadership at Count Us In commented:  

“If all companies aligned their pensions with their values, billions could be directed towards clean energy, affordable housing, medical research and green infrastructure – they could be at the heart of the solution of the climate crisis. 

As Count Us In we’re proud to have partnered with Make My Money Matter in launching the Green Pensions Charter. This collective call to action will drive change from the heart of the economy – finance – and deliver long term results.  

We’re excited by the large uptake of the Charter, which clearly indicates a society-wide demand for a cleaner, thriving future for all – and we look forward to welcoming more signatories in this commitment.” 

Peter Jelkeby, CEO at IKEA UK commented: 

“At IKEA, we are working to transform our business to become circular and climate positive by 2030, across our entire value chain. This cannot happen without ensuring our investments are on a more sustainable pathway.  

“As such, we must take the steps necessary to transition our future investments, including pensions, towards net zero to ensure a cleaner, greener and more inclusive recovery. By supporting the Green Pensions Charter we can continue this journey and create greater visibility for our co-workers around this often overlooked but critical part of the sustainability journey.” 

Hywel Ball, UK Chair at EY commented: 

The need to accelerate Britain’s transition to a low carbon economy will require more than awareness and aspiration. New ideas, business models and technology will be required.  

“An integral part of this will be the role that sustainable finance has to play in driving forward the radical changes needed to reverse the effects of climate change. Committing to the Green Pensions Charter is one of the ways that we, and others, can help make a difference.  

“Today’s announcement builds on a number of low carbon initiatives that we’ve already committed to, having set global targets to become carbon negative this year and net-zero by 2025. We are taking action both in the UK and globally to tackle one of the most significant and generation defining issues that the world faces today.” 

Chris Hulatt, Co-Founder at Octopus Group commented: 

“As gatekeepers to trillions of dollars, pension funds and their members have a critical role to play in fighting climate change. If we can allocate funds to invest in helping to deliver the energy transition, then there is a real opportunity for us to create a sustainable green economy and address the climate crisis.  

“People are becoming so much more aware and conscious of the actions they can take to protect our planet – allocating your pension to areas that can really make a difference needs to be part of this movement. As an investor in renewables and as a B Corp company, we believe you can invest with impact helping to build a more sustainable world, both now and for future generations, while also delivering returns for your investors.” 

Logan McClure Davda, Director of Impact at TED commented: 

We’re proud to be among the first organizations to join the Green Pensions Charter. Greening one’s money is one of the most effective ways for individuals to reduce their carbon pollution, so we’re thrilled to accelerate this effort as part of the TED Countdown initiative. We hope others will join us on this journey.” 

Tanya Steele, CEO at WWF commented: 

“This is a key moment – one at which the finance system must align itself to the Paris Climate Agreement and the imperative of keeping global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees; our future prosperity and stability, and that of the natural world, depend on action now.  A wholesale switch to sustainable pensions would be a major step along the journey to a better future.” 

Dr Dale Vince OBE, Chairman, Forest Green Rovers, said:  

“Money makes the world go round and we get to choose where ours goes when we make a spending decision.  One of the biggest decisions we all make is where to invest our pension – so it’s very important we all repurpose the pension industry and make sure it invests our money in better outcomes that protect the future of our planet.”  

Full list of charter signatories: 

  • TED 
  • IKEA 
  • EY 
  • Brewdog 
  • WWF 
  • Ecotricity 
  • B Corp UK 
  • Albert 
  • UN Global Compact 
  • Greenhouse PR 
  • The One Campaign  
  • The Big Exchange 
  • BOND 
  • Oxfam
  • Good Energy 
  • Tumelo 
  • Protect Our Winters 
  • Music Declares Emergency 
  • BAFTA 
  • Forest Green Rovers 
  • Octopus Group – BCorp 
  • Ella’s Kitchen – BCorp 
  • Gong Communications – BCorp 
  • Flooglebinder – BCorp 
  • Greenspace – BCorp 
  • TYF Adventure- BCorp 
  • LEAP – BCorp 
  • TSIP – BCorp 
  • On Purpose – BCorp 
  • Wasafiri – BCorp 
  • Full-Stop – BCorp 
  • Adam Smith International – BCorp 
  • Pentameter – BCorp 
  • Forster Communication – BCorp 
  • Compare your footprint – BCorp 
  • House of Baukjen – BCorp 
  • Green Element – BCorp 
  • Maanch – BCorp 
  • Neighbourly  – BCorp
  • Triodos – BCorp
  • QuietRoom 
  • Websummit
  • Featured Artists Coalition



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About Make My Money Matter 

Make My Money Matter was founded by Richard Curtis, writer, director, UN SDG Advocate and Co-founder of Comic Relief; and Jo Corlett, former No. 10 and Department for International Development Special Adviser.  

Make My Money Matter is led by CEO Tony Burdon, Former Deputy Director of the International Financial Institutions Department at the Department for International Development; and Campaign Director David Hayman.    

Make My Money Matter aims to achieve the following: 

  • For consumers to call on pension funds to invest our money responsibly  
  • For employers to align their corporate pension with their values and demand that their pension fund leads on responsible and sustainable investment. 
  • For pension funds to better engage their members, increase the positive impact of their investments and commit to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, with a halving by 2030. 
  • For the UK Government to require all pension funds to align their portfolios to the Paris Agreement and net zero targets 
  • For pension funds to become better stewards of their investments and integrate ESG across their portfolios. 

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