Well, it’s green pensions actually…

Today – in partnership with Count us In – we’re delighted to launch the Green Pensions Charter. This represents a world first for pensions, bringing together 50 leading employers – including IKEA, BrewDog and EY – in the mission to make our money matter.  

The Green Pension Charter calls on all employers to green their scheme, so we can ensure that the money invested by company pensions helps tackle the climate crisis, rather than fuel the fire.

Why’s this so important?

While organisations across the globe have been making critical strides on sustainability, too often their pensions are left behind.  

In fact, only about 5% of FTSE 100 companies even mentions pensions in their sustainability strategies, even though greening your money is one of the most powerful steps any organisation can take to cut it’s carbon.

This means that much of the £20 billion invested annually through company pension schemes continues to fund tobacco, fossil fuels and deforestation. Not only is this bad for the planet and bad for returns, it runs counter to the values of those organisations whose pensions are being invested.  

It also goes against the wishes of everyday UK savers – 18 million of whom would choose a green pension were they given the chance. 

The Green Pensions Charter

That’s why we’re calling on all organisations across the UK to wake up to the power of our pensions, sign the Green Pensions Charter and make their money matter.  

In signing up to this Charter, employers can ensure their money is helping – not hurting – their sustainability strategies and show the pensions industry the ever-growing demand for green schemes. 

Despite their differences, the 50 organisations signing up to the Charter – from Oxfam to IKEA, BrewDog to WWF, EY to Ella’s Kitchen – all have one thing in common: a commitment to ensure the £2.6 trillion in UK pensions helps build a better world. This support will be critical in driving the green pension movement ahead of COP26, where we hope to see all pension providers commit to Net Zero targets. 

So, if you want your money to build a better world, sign up your company to the Green Pensions Charter today. Because if you’re going green, it’s time your money did too.