On June 1st, Make My Money Matter hosted the world’s first Net Zero Pension Summit

Featuring CEOs of some of the world’s biggest pension funds – alongside global leaders including Mark Carney, Alok Sharma, Christiana Figueres and Amina Mohammed – the Summit made an ambitious, unanimous call for ALL pensions to commit to robust Net Zero.  

In doing so, we turbocharged the movement to ensure our savings help tackle the climate crisis, not fuel the fire. 

‘Action is required now. We cannot kick the can down the road any further. That’s why one of the key aims for COP26 is getting private finance flowing to climate action… With $47 trillion invested globally, our pensions play a major role.’ 

Alok Sharma, COP26 President

With 15 pension funds now signed up to Net Zero, including halving emissions in this decade – representing £400 billion in assets and 25 million pension pots – significant progress has been made. But we’re still a long way from ensuring all £2.6 trillion in UK pensions is invested more sustainably. 

That’s why today we’ve written to the CEOs of the UK’s 20 leading Defined Contribution (DC) providers who are yet to make strong Net Zero commitments, calling on them to join our campaign, and agree to robust, ambitious, and front-loaded Net Zero targets ahead of COP26 in Glasgow. 

These 20 companies represent over £175 billion in assets under management and millions of UK savers pension pots. By listening to their members – and following the science – their leadership on tackling the climate crisis could be transformative. 

Our pensions are powerful, and we must use that power to change the world. As a first step, all pension providers must make robust net zero commitments. Failure to do so will be bad for the planet, bad for returns, and runs against the wishes of UK savers. 

Richard Curtis
Co-founder, Make My Money Matter

Yesterday’s summit highlighted both what is possible, and what is necessary. It showed the urgency of the crisis, but also the opportunities it presents. Most importantly, it demonstrated that the movement to make money matter is unstoppable.  

So if you have a pension with one of these providers, join the thousands across the UK asking them to commit to Net Zero so we make sure we all have pensions to be proud of. 

The pension schemes we’ve written to are:

Standard Life 
The People’s Pension 
Prudential Dynamic Growth IV 
Royal London  RLP balanced life strategy 
Hargreaves Lansdown Workplace SIPP 
Now pensions 
TPT retirement solutions 
National pensions trust 
Workers pension trust