tell your employer you want a green pension

Across the world, businesses are ramping up efforts to cut their carbon.  

But despite this, most are missing out on one crucial action: greening their company pension. 

You can change this!  

Contact your employer today, and tell them to green their scheme. That way you can ensure everyone you work with gets a green pension too. 

Not sure where to start? Try sending our helpful template to your HR department, the sustainability team or the person in charge of finances.

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Did you know that having a green pension is one of the most powerful tools organisations have to tackle climate change?

But right now – our pensions could be invested in things like fast fashion, deforestation, and fossil fuel expansion. I think it’s important we find out if this is the case.

Do you know where our workplace pension is invested and what our provider’s plans on Net Zero are? And do you know if there is an alternative option available to us to make sure our pensions are helping create a world we want to retire in to?

If you’d like to find out more about how we can make sure our pensions match our values, Make My Money Matter have amazing guides and resources to support this journey:

I appreciate your support and hope this conversation will lead to our organisation having a pension we can all be proud of. Because what’s the point in us having ambitious sustainability plans, but having all that work undone by our pension?

Thank you!

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