UK Pension Industry: Use Your Power to Stop Fossil Fuel Expansion

£88BN OF UK PENSIONS is invested in fossil fuel COMPANIES. that works out AN AVERAGE OF £3,000 per pension holder.

This money is supposedly saving for our futures, but is in fact jeopardising them, because not one of these companies has ruled out expansion, nor do they have a 1.5 degree aligned transition plan.

That’s why I’m calling on you to stop supporting fossil fuel expansion and use its power to drive change. That means:

  1. Putting fossil fuel companies on notice that they are expected to rule out new oil and gas expansion and set credible 1.5 degree aligned plans
  2. Voting against any company which continues to develop new oil and gas, and which doesn’t have credible 1.5 degree aligned plans
  3. Divesting publicly – within set timeframes – from those fossil fuel companies who fail to respond urgently to steps 1 and 2 above

Time is running out.  We can no longer afford for our pensions to be supporting the companies driving fossil fuel expansion – it’s too risky for our planet, and it’s too risky for our savings.

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