Don’t let our universities add any more degrees to the climate

Universities prepare us for our future, and yet they bank with the very institutions responsible for fuelling an uninhabitable planet. It’s time for universities to give their banks an ultimatum on fossil fuel financing.

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Tell Your University not to Fail On Fossil Fuel Finance

Use the form below to send a message to your university asking them to be smarter with their banking choices.

Did you know that over 100 UK universities are committed to divesting their endowments from fossil fuels?

But shockingly, every university committed to divestment uses at least one bank that finances the fossil fuel industry.

Meaning all that effort is undermined by their decision to put their money in a bank that funnels billions to fossil fuel companies.

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We’re writing to UK universities

We’re asking all the universities with a divestment commitment to take a stance against those banks financing fossil fuel expansion.

Universities need to engage with their bank, introduce real consequences if engagement fails, and ultimately, switch banks if they refuse to stop financing new oil and gas.

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Together we can send a powerful message

Universities care about what their students and alumni think. So the more of us that email, the more they’ll have to listen to us!

Banks can’t afford to ignore this

Banks will face a huge challenge if universities take a stance, and we need as many voices as we can get to make this happen. After the hottest summer on record, it’s clear fossil fuel financing has to stop.

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We know these actions are possible

The Christian Aid charity left Barclays over their fossil fuel financing this summer and Cambridge set up the Banking Engagement Forum. It’s time for other universities to follow.

Want to know more about the hidden relationship between our banks and fossil fuels?

In 2023, the Big 5 UK high street banks – Barclays, HSBC, Santander, NatWest and Lloyds – provided $55bn to fossil fuel companies, helping drive climate change. If you bank with any of these lenders then you can tell them to break up with fossil fuel expansion.

Here’s how you can support this campaign:

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Send an email to your university asking them to stop supporting fossil fuel expansion

Contact your bank directly, telling them to stop financing fossil fuel expansion


Make some noise so your friends and family know the power of making your money matter