If you have a pension, you have power. So much power that greening your pension is 21x more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than giving up flying, going veggie and switching energy provider combined. 

That’s because pension funds invest money on our behalf, often into companies that do harm, supply chains that are unsustainable, and industries that accelerate climate change.

When people find out they’re accidental investors in these companies, they’re often horrified to know where their money is actually going. It’s undermining the day-to-day choices and contradicting their values, so vegans may be investing in the meat industry, medics in tobacco, and climate activists in the worst behaving fossil fuel companies.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

RNFMTF Youth Strike 4 Climate. Thousands of pupils and students walk out from lessons to protest in Westminster as part of a nationwide climate change strike

its time to Make money matter

As soon as people discover their money is invested, most want it to do good while it’s growing. In fact, 68% of UK savers want their investments to consider people and planet alongside profit. So we’re going to help people find out where their money’s going and demand it does better. That can be through investments in more positive industries, or by using our pension power to ensure companies transition to more sustainable practice.

We’re going to ramp up this public demand for investments that build a better world, and show decision makers that people want their money to matter. And together, we’ll transform the financial system to put people and planet on a par with profit.

F1HG8A Deck worker winching parts up to wind turbine on offshore windfarm

This isn’t just a moral question, it’s an economic one too

Evidence shows that sustainable, resilient, well-run companies are more likely to perform better in the long run. Companies that do harm are riskier places to invest in for the long term because they face a future of increasing consumer criticism, government regulation and financial penalties.

So investing in responsible businesses means you can build a better world while giving your money a chance to get better returns at the same time.

Join us to build a better world

At this critical moment, your money matters more than ever. After all, what’s the point of saving for retirement if you don’t have a world you want to live in and retire in? 

So now is the time to come together and ensure we have pensions which align with our values, pensions to be proud of. Now is the moment to make our money matter.

Let’s make it happen together.

How can I get involved?


We want everyone to have a pension they can be proud of – one which builds a better world, without compromising on returns.


We believe every organisation, from businesses to universities to NGOs, should align their pensions with their values.


We’re calling on government and industry to make sure pension funds put people and planet on a par with profit.