1. Contact Your Employer

Most people are enrolled in a pension through their workplace. But lots of employers don’t know that having a sustainable pension is so important to their staff. So let’s tell them!

One of the most powerful things you can do is tell your employer you care about where your money is invested. And if your organisation has a strong mission or values, you can help ensure your workplace pension aligns with them.

We’ve drafted something you can send to your HR department to start the conversation. Send the email below, and tell your workplace you want your pension to build a better world.

Email your employer today

Dear employer,

I’m getting in touch about my workplace pension. I’d like to know what impact our pension investments are having, and if that impact is aligned with our organisation’s values?

Through our pension fund we could be investing in things like fracking, arms, and tobacco. I think it’s important we find out if this is the case – transparency in these issues is really important to me.

Can you tell me where our workplace pensions are invested and what they’re doing for the world? And could you let me know what alternative options might be available to us to make sure our pensions are helping create a world we want to retire in to?

If you’d like to find out more about how we could have this conversation please visit Make My Money Matter.

I appreciate your support and hope this conversation will lead to our organisation having a pension we can all be proud of.

Thank you,

Use this template in my email

2. Contact your pension fund

Your pension fund is, most likely, pretty powerful. Huge providers look after billions and billions of our savings inside thousands of funds. They have the power to really change things. Many of them already offer some funds that are doing better for people and planet, and you can always check those out.

But if you, like us, think that ALL pension funds should be building the type of world that most people want to retire into, then download our sample email and send it to your pension provider to get your voice heard. There is no power like people power, so call on your provider to demand a pension you can be proud of.

Email your Pension Fund

I hope you’re well.

As a member, I’m getting in touch about my pension and the fund choices you offer.

I would like to know more about what my pension is invested in, and specifically, what it is doing to build a better world.

I want to make my money matter and invest my pension with intention. There are three things I would like you to do so I can do this.

1. I would like to know how my money is invested with regard to people and planet and what options I have to increase the positive impact my pension has on the world.

2. I would like you to be more transparent on how environmental, social and governance and climate risks are taken into account in my portfolio, and what your plans are to increase investments that are good for our planet, our society, and our economy.

3. I would like to see your plans to achieve net-zero emissions? Specifically, I would like to be updated on yearly plans for this transition.

I think that people’s pension savings should be building a better world: tackling the climate crisis, reversing environmental destruction and building fairer economies. I know this is the sort of world I want to retire into when I finally draw my pension, and I think most of your members would want that too.

I look forward to hearing what your plans are.

Yours sincerely,

Use this template in my email

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