What we’re calling for

We’re creating a world where everyone can be proud of their money, and we all have a role to play


We want everyone to be proud of what their money is doing – help us make sure our banks and pension funds are building a better world.


We believe every organisation, from businesses to universities to NGOs, should align their money with their values.

Financial Sector

We’re calling on banks and pension funds to invest sustainably and stop financing fossil fuel expansion. Read the current progress from pension funds below.

how could your money be affecting the planet?

Our banks and pension funds financially support almost every sector. Lots of them put money into industries like fossil fuels, tobacco, and arms. We’re here to make sure they do better. After all, what’s the point in retiring in a world on fire?

Fossil Fuels

Our money is also doing brilliant things – installing wind farms, curing disease, building homes and driving innovation. We can demand that our banks and pension funds do much more of this.

Human Rights
Health Care

Join the Campaign

Greening your money is one of the most powerful things you can do to tackle the climate crisis. Join us in building a better world.